USA Pesticide Ragulation Guidance  

USA Pesticide Registration Manual

The Pesticide Registration Manual is a resource for companies and individuals who want to have their pesticide products registered for sale in the United States. The manual describes the EPA's review and decision-making process for registering a pesticide product and its use. Detailed information for pesticide registrants (the company or individual applying to register a pesticide) concerning their responsibilities before, during and after the review process is also included in the manual.

USA Pesticide Regulation Guidance Framework


IntroductionUS EPA--
Chapter 1: Requirements for Pesticide Registration and Registrant ObligationsUS EPA--
Chapter 2: Registering a Pesticide ProductUS EPAThis chapter discusses what information must be submitted to the Agency when applying for a pesticide product registration.
Chapter 3: Additional Considerations for Biopesticide Products US EPABiopesticides are a type of pesticide derived from such natural materials as animals, plants, bacteria, and certain minerals. For example, canola oil and baking soda have pesticidal applications and are considered biopesticides.
Chapter 4: Additional Considerations for Antimicrobials Products US EPAAntimicrobial pesticides comprise a highly diverse group of pesticides that is distinctly different from conventional pesticides and biopesticides.
Chapter 5: Registration FeesUS EPA--
Chapter 6: Amending a Registered Pesticide ProductUS EPAThis chapter covers all aspects of amending a registered product including label changes, formulation changes, associated data requirements, and the forms that need to be submitted.
Chapter 7: Notifications and Minor Formulation AmendmentsUS EPAThis chapter discusses certain minor amendments that can be made to a registered product and do not require the applicant to apply to amend a registration.
Chapter 8: Inert IngredientsUS EPAThis chapter describes how EPA reviews inert ingredients as part of the pesticide product review process.
Chapter 9: Supplemental Distribution of a Registered PesticideUS EPA--
Chapter 10: Data Compensation RequirementsUS EPAThis chapter describes the information that an applicant must submit with the application for registration, amended registration, reregistration or registration review to comply with the provisions of FIFRA section 3(c)(1)(F).
Chapter 11: Tolerance PetitionsUS EPAThis chapter provides information on definitions, interpretative regulations and procedures for filing a petition for establishment of a tolerance or an exemption from the requirement of a tolerance.
Chapter 12: Applying for an Experimental Use PermitUS EPAThis chapter describes the requirements for Experimental Use Permits (EUPs) and includes how to apply for an EUP, labeling requirements, application format, and data reporting requirements.
Chapter 13: DevicesUS EPAThis chapter describes how EPA regulates pesticidal devices. This unit clarifies which types of devices are subject to regulatory oversight, and what requirements apply to them.
Chapter 14: How to Obtain an EPA Company or Establishment Number and Change of Address of Contact InformationUS EPA--
Chapter 15: Submitting Data and Confidential Business InformationUS EPAThis chapter includes information on how to submit data as well as special considerations concerning what data and information can be considered to be confidential business information.
Chapter 16: Transfer of Product Registrations and Data RightsUS EPAThis chapter discusses specific information to be submitted to EPA for the transfer of product registration and/or data rights from one person or company to another, as outlined in 40 CFR 152.135 (registration transfers) and 40 CFR 152.98 (data rights transfers).
Chapter 17: State Regulatory AuthorityUS EPA--
Chapter 18: Other Federal or State Agency RequirementsUS EPAThis chapter describes the requirements for Experimental Use Permits (EUPs) and includes how to apply for an EUP, labeling requirements, application format, and data reporting requirements.
Chapter 19: How to Obtain PublicationsUS EPA--
Chapter 20: Forms and How to Obtain ThemUS EPAThe forms required to be submitted when applying for the registration of a pesticide product, experimental use permit, or distributor registration are listed below.
Chapter 21: Directions for Submitting Applications and Contacting EPA US EPA--
Appendix A: Guidance DocumentsUS EPAEPA guidance documents supporting the pesticide registration process.
Appendix B: Examples of Registrant DocumentsUS EPA--
Appendix C: Pesticide Forms Overview TableUS EPA--
Appendix D: Examples of Completed FormsUS EPA--