To save busy regulatory professionals time and keep them well-prepared for their compliance duties, Reach24H AMD Team built databases on pesticide regulations including our China Pesticide Approval Directory (CPAD) , and Regulatory Database.


China Pesticide Approval Directory

Regulatory Database

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China Pesticide Approval Directory



CPAD enables non-Chinese users to query the authorization status of pesticide products and producers from 50,000+ entries of records synchronized with the competent authorities of pesticide registration and production authorization.(AgroPedida-Chinese Pesticide Legislation Overview)

enter your interested keyword such as active ingredient, crop/site and pests/target and click on corresponding tab, then click on the "search" button;

basic  information on the matched companies, registration/license numbers, product composition will appear in both English and Chinese;

click on the "more" button to find details on the validity of the registration/certificate, target, host crop, dose and application method the product;

Free members may access only 3matched records after each query. Free trial users and  premium members may get full access to all matched record and a PDF report of the full searched result will be available to our premium members upon request;

Our Regulatory Database allows our premium member to search for pesticide regulatory documents of your concern and provides grasp-at-a-glance summary, history, corresponding duties and legislative context, as well as the  English translation copies.

The database covers currently the pesticide/fertilizer regulations in China, Brazil and other countries/regions.

The English translation copies of these regulations are also accessible separately at our E-book store for single purchase or free download.

The scope of the database is under expansion and we are receptive to all our users. Any suggestion will be much appreciated.