About Easy Sourcing&Easy Compliance

As China strengthens its control on its pesticide industry (new pesticide regulation, environmental regulation and economic transition, etc.), sourcing pesticides in China will become increasingly problematic due to supply instability. To facilitate continued trade, the Agrochemical Portal, has established a new sourcing and matchmaking service called “Easy Sourcing Easy Compliance, (ESEC)”, aimed at offering a better service for our members, increasing referrals between buyers and manufacturers and ultimately increasing your opportunities for agribusiness (technical material &pesticide formulation).

Agrochemical Portal maintains a database of 40,000+ products registered with ICAMA and 3000+ manufacturers certified by governmental authorities (Click here for more information on Chinese Pesticide Regulatory System). Powered by regulatory specialists and trade experts from the AMD Team of REACH24H Consulting Group, ESEC can satisfy the vast majority of purchase requisitions including:

  • Supplier qualification survey (Free);
  • Assistant in communication and negotiation (Free);
  • Clients care and maintenance (Free);
  • Registration suggestion(Free)
  • Optional and customized service;

The professional service at ESEC is offered only to premium members of the Chemlinked Agrochemical Portal, however, it is also available to free member for a limited time! Click here to join us new!


  1. Fill the QUESTIONAIRE(click here to download) and send back the questionnaire via Agrochem@ChemLinked.com;
  2. Our senior consultants will contact you for confirmation;
  3. Screen and inquire the qualified supplier and enable the final referral;
  4. Optional and customized service will be provided in case of demand;
  5. Delivery, transaction and follow up;


Basic Service (Free)

  • Supplier Screening- (Find qualified suppliers according to the requirement of our members)
  • General Supplier Survey - (general information on the manufacturer, such as: capacity, registered capital, credit, shareholder, superior product etc. click here to view the sample)
  • Communication Assistance - (Solve language and culture barrier between buyers and suppliers)
  • Business negotiation and Procurement Optimization- (Assistance with pricing, delivery and payment etc. )
  • Registration Suggestion - (with years of experiences in pesticide registration, REACH24H will help you to reduce registration costs and improve efficiency)

Customer Mantainance (Free)

  • Market news updates;
  • Information updates on regular suppliers:

Optional Service

  • Labelling and Package review;
  • Product Inspection and Sampling;
  • Product Registration in the destination countries;
  • Capacity appraisal, onsite inspection and delivery tracking, etc;

Other Customized Solution

  • Background Investigation on specific supplier;
  • “B&R” Financing Service;
  • Supplier Care;
  • Others;

Easy Sourcing & Easy Compliance Agribusiness


Flexible Communication

-With our global presence in China, Ireland, USA, South America and Southeast Asia, our partners and professional experts are able to understand your requirements quickly and provide you with the right sourcing solutions

Best Deal

-With our wide range of connections with manufacturers, we will help you access all the advantages of pesticide manufacturing at the best possible prices

Better Local Knowledge

-Through our privileged relationships with Chinese pesticide industry, you can choose the most reliable manufacturer, reduce the cost of language and culture barrier  and improve overall business efficiency.

Guaranteed Product Quality

-At ESEC we take advantages of 100+ partner testing institutions to ensure your product quality.

Unparalleled Regulatory Compliance Assurance

-Our team of professionals specialized in global pesticide regulatory issues will help minimize trade barrier and compliance costs.