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Free Webinar: How to Find an Ideal Pesticide Supplier in China? Resource Available

Interpretation of China pesticide exports and detailed tips for sourcing pesticide from China, as well as an introduction of a useful tool (CPAD) to screen the legitimate producers and products in China

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The Chinese pesticide industry has evolved rapidly carried by wave of domestic and foreign investments and an increased demand for products. The industry is extremely dependent on global demand as over 60% of agrochemical production is for export purposes. The texture of the industry in China is composed of enterprises of varying sizes and capacities with SOEs, private enterprises, MNC subsidiaries and trading companies all playing a part. The government has improved its supervision of the agrochemical sector by adopting a pesticide registration and manufacturer approval system. The major hurdles for foreign companies remain the language barrier and the regulatory features intrinsic to the Chinese system. The failures were thus invariably attributable to lack of important business connections that can influence key decision makers or aid in the process of business access.

  •  Overview of China Pesticide Export
  • What are the Key Points of an Ideal Supplier?
  • How the Pesticides and Producers are Supervised in China?
  • Identification of a Legitimate Product
  • How CPAD can Help Your Business?


Fang Lin
Regulatory Analyst and Reporter at ChemLinked, Agro Portal

Focusing on the study in the area of agrochemical industry and management in China and other Asia countries, Ms. Fang is responsible for the news report and regulatory analysis at Agrochem Portal of ChemLinked. In 2014, as the major developer, she worked on the CPAD system-a searchable database to screen the Chinese official certified pesticide products and producers.