7 th International Crop Science Congress

Date 08/14/2016-08/19/2016
Title7 th International Crop Science Congress
OrganiserInstitute of Crop Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Location12 ZhongguancuSouth StreetHaidian District, Beijing 100081, China

International Crop Science Congress (ICSC) is a regular forum for crop scientists from around the world to integrate current knowledge into a global context and international applications. The Congress is organized about every four years beginning in July, 1992. The International Crop Science Society has primary oversight for general operations of Congresses. The location will rotate among countries that propose and are accepted to host the Congress. 

The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Crop Science Society of China are pleased to jointly host 7th ICSC on August 14–19, 2016 in Beijing, China. An excellent opportunity will be provided for participants from various regions of the world to share the latest global progress of crop science research, and develop recommendations for future thrusts in research, development, and technology transfer. Traditional areas where papers will be presented includecrop germplasm and evolution, crop genetics and genomics, crop biotechnology, breeding and seed production, agronomy and crop physiology, climate change and sustainability, crop quality and processing, and crop production and socioeconomic aspects. The congress organizers are expanding special forumto include the crop science related companies in the congress.
Apart from the scientific exchange, we will also showcase new varieties, new products, new technologies and latest publications. Furthermore, post conference tours to farms and the scenic and/or cultural sites will feature your tour in China with both academic atmosphere and ancient cultural immersion of China. The Organizing Committee of 7th ICSC sincerely welcomes all the experts and entrepreneurs related with crop science to involve in the congress planning, academic exchange and achievement exhibition. And we believe that 7th ICSC will be an unprecedented landmark in ICSC history under our joint effort.

Further Information

Contact: Juan Du; Guangming Yang; Li Xu