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Changes to Hazardous Chemical Reporting Requirements in New Zealand
The New Zealand Cabinet passed a health and safety reform legislation in August 2015 for better public health and risk management. The Health and Safety Reform Bill includes:
New Zealand: Decision on Reassessment OPC Insecticides Released
On 27 June 2013, the New Zealand EPA released their decision on reassessment of organophosphate and carbamates-based (OPC) insecticides. The Committee decided that OPCs use in the indoor applications by unqualified user should be discontinued due to its inherent toxicity. For agricultural applications, their use should be allowed to continue with additional controls imposed to diminish the risk to people’s health and the environment.
New Zealand to Conduct Public Hearings for Organophosphate and Carbamate Insecticides Reassessment
The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) New Zealand will hold public hearings on 4 Mar in Wellington and 7 Mar in Auckland for a group reassessment of organophosphate and carbamate (OPC) based insecticides used for plant protection purposes. The Chief Executive of the EPA New Zealand has released the notification of application and consultation report of the reassessment in early November last year, and the public submission period has just ended recently.
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