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India Proposes a Ban on 27 Agricultural Pesticides
On 14 May 2020, the Indian Ministry of Agricultural and Farmers Welfare invites a 45-day consultation on a draft injunction, banning the import, production, distribution and use of 27 agricultural pesticides including Acephate, Atrazine, Benfuracarb, Butachlor, Captan, Carbofuran, Chlorpyriphos, 2,4-D, Deltamethrin, Dicofol, Dimethoate, Dinocap, Diuron, Malathion, Mancozeb, Methomyl, Oxyfluorfen, Pendimethalin, Quinalphos and Sulfosulfuron, Carbendazim, Monocrotophos, Thiodicarb, Thiophanate-methyl, Thiram, Zineb and Ziram.
India started to phase out high toxic pesticide by 2020
Pesticides that could be carcinogenic and banned in many countries will continue their run in India, though a government panel has recently decided to ban 18 pesticides hazardous to human health and prohibited abroad. 
Provisional ADM imposed on Pyridine from India and Japan
On May 27 2013, China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) announced the preliminary rulings of an ongoing anti-dumping investigation of pyridine from India and Japan. An initial sanction in the form of a security deposit is to be imposed on imported pyridine from India and Japan.
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