China MoA Issued Restriction/Ban on 7 Active Ingredients


On Dec 9, China MoA issued the Announce 2032 to ban/restrict 7 pesticides:

  • Pesticide registration for chlorsulfuron and single-formulated products of metsulfuron-methyl and ethametsulfuron will be cancelled by December 31 2013 and their sales and uses should be stopped by December 31 2013;
  • Pesticide Registration of metsufuron-methyl and ethametsulfuron TC and combination formulations will be cancelled by July 1 2015 and their sales and uses should be stopped by July 1 2017;
  • Registration for metsulfuron-methyl for exporting-only purpose is to be maintained and the affected registrant should alter their registration category by July 1 2015;
  • MoA will suspend new approval of asomate and urbacide as the acceptance of registration application of the two ingredients will be stopped from the date of the promulgation. The registration of the two active ingredients will be revoked by December 31 2013 and the sales and uses will be stopped by December 31 2015;
  • MoA will suspend new registration application of chlorpyrifos and triazophos on vegetables from the date of the promulgation and their existing registration on vegetables will be revoked from December 31 2014. All their uses on vegetables should be stopped by December 31 2016;

With the effectiveness of this Announcement, China has banned 38 active ingredients and restricted 21 active ingredients in total.

Reference Link

MoA's News Release( in Chinese)

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