China to Strengthen Glyphosate Mixture Registration Management

From Agropages — 7 March 2012, the Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals of Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA) held a symposium in Beijing on glyphosate mixture registration management, addressing the issue of the mixture of glyphosate and herbicide as well as consequences of such mixture, participated by nearly 20 experts from pesticide management, R&D and production departments. After discussions following suggestions are made:

1. Glyphosate is a sterilant herbicide and its single formulation could kill vast majority of weed, when being mixed with other herbicide, the technical compliance, necessity, killing effect and safety of the selected herbicide need to be fully evaluated and verified.

2. To reduce the risk of use of glyphosate mixture; registered glyphosate mixture should be limited only for use in woodland and non-cultivated land, not to be applied to crops.

3. The content of glyphosate in mixture aqueous solution should comply with the specified content of glyphosate aqueous solution stipulated in Public Notice under Reference 1158 as issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, i.e. glyphosate content of mixture aqueous solution not to be below 30%; the glyphosate content of already approved mixture aqueous solution below 30% subjected to an amendment.

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