DuPont's Cyantraniliprole Full Registration Denied for Bee Risks

The 11th plenary session of the 8th  National Expert Committee for Pesticide Registration was concluded in Urumqi on 18th August. The experts have reviewed the submissions for full ICAMA registration. DuPont’s novel insecticide cyantraniliprole failed to convince the experts because of its effect on bees.

Among the 29 applications collected from 16 applicants, only 12 have been granted the ICAMA’s approval of full registration. In total, the Committee has approved full registrations to 6 companies, namely Isagro’s orthosulfamuron, JPRIC (Jiangsu pesticide research institute Company)’s JS399-19(Development Codes) and Fufenozide, Borax’s Disodium octaboratetetrahydrate, Bayer’s fluopyram, Chemtura’s maleic hydrazide, DuPont’s picoxystrobin. Three companies have filed the petition asking for an approval of the application for fly coil incense products. However, the committee insisted on suspending the products but suggested the ICAMA to further conduct a risk assessment. 

However, DuPont’s two applications of the novel insecticide cyantraniliprole were all denied for its high toxics to bees. The Committee required the company to study the risks for bees on honey crops, which should be carried out in China.

The current provisional cyantraniliprole registration held by DuPont  would be expired on 14th September, 2013. however, the valid term of temprory regstration could extented to 3 years at maxium.

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Statistics of the Expert Review for ICAMA Registration in H2 of 2012(in English)

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