ICAMA Examined the Qualification of the Emergency Service Agencies for Paraquat incidents  

The ICAMA (Institute for the control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture) has examined the paraquat emergency agencies’ qualification in dealing with herbicide-related incidents.

China has previously announced new rules for manufacturing and utilizing paraquat. Products containing such ingredient shall be marked with distinct precaution statements together with the contact details of the emergency service agencies. Those agencies should be available 24-hour and capable of providing immediate rescue measures.

12 experts from the health care, disease control and pesticide management fields were invited by the ICAMA for the examination and selection. 6 out of 20 agencies were finally selected and qualified in treating paraquat-related emergencies. The ICAMA will organize on-site inspection and announce the 6 qualified agencies in the near future.

As an effective weeds-control solution, paraquat is one of the most widely used herbicides in the world. However, as paraquat was freely available yet may cause irreversible harm on human-being, the utilization of this weed killer has now been restricted in China.

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ICAMA's News Release

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