Jiangsu Strengthened its Supervisions on Herbicide Producers

The herbicide producers in Jiangsu will be frequently examined of their qualifications and sampled on their products. And the salesmen from the companies shall correctly instruct the users of how to spray the products.

Early this month, Jiangsu Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA) has released a local announcement to the herbicide companies to ensure the quality and safety of the herbicide products. The herbicide producers will be frequently examined on their qualifications and sampled on their products, and the salesmen from the companies shall correctly instruct the users of how to spray the products.

Recently, incidents of crop injuries have been resulted by problematic herbicides products such as the quinclorac, pyrazosulfuron, etc. Thus Jiangsu ICAMA urged the herbicide manufacturers to implement on quality assurance of their products.

The institute is to check the registration certifications of the herbicides with their corresponding manufacturers as illegal uses or transfers of the certifications are severe in China. The certification is granted to one applicant for one product by the ICAMA, and manufacturers shall mark the certification number on the product when placing the product on the market. However, the certification numbers are shared-marked by the applicant and other manufacturers, which means the products might not be manufactured by the qualified producers,and the conterfeits are usually mixed with other ais and impurities.

Furthermore, Jiangsu ICAMA will irregularly inspect the reserved samples and quality records form the manufacturers. The salesmen from the companies are reminded of properly instructing the consumers on how to apply the herbicides.

Most of the risky herbicides are obsolete products, thus the institute also encourages the manufacturing companies to upgrade their portfolios.

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Announcement from Jiangsu ICAMA

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