Resurgence of Fipronil Challenges China’s Regulation on Biocidal Products

Numbers of incidents involving fipronil violation have occurred in China and officials from Ministry of Agriculture emphasized that competent authorities will strengthen supervisions the market and uses of the products and illegalities will be seized and punished.

Due to the high risks on bees and aquatic crustaceans, China banned most uses of fipronil since 2009. The insecticide was only allowed for seed treatment on some upland crops and indoors uses as hygiene pesticide, and manufacturing permits for other uses were only granted for exporting purposes. However in southern China, the insecticide is flagrantly sold in rice grown area and detected in vegetable commodities on the supermarket. Moreover, the ai was also found in some pet supply store for animal use.

Unlike the biocidal products regulations in EU, an ai shall bear different regulatory system and dossier submissions to diverse authorities for difference market entries depending on the target and area where the ai is applying. Thus, the remaining uses for fipronil are deemed as hygiene pesticide and veterinary drug. The applicants shall be granted the “registration certification for hygiene pesticide” and “approval certificate for veterinary drug” respectively.

Even approved  for residential and animal uses, the fipronil shall be applied and sprayed in accordance with the “ Regulations on the Control of Agricultural Chemicals” and “Regulations on Veterinary Drug Administration”, and some local agricultural departments are warning against illegal uses of the insecticide.


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