Substandard Fertilizer Manufacturers Summoned by AQSIQ  

Recently, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) has published the results of random checkings on the fertilizer products. The heads of the sub-standard companies were summoned to have a talk with AQSIQ.

In the past five months, AQSIQ and its local subsidiaries have sampled 1394 products from 1361 manufactures across 29 provincial regions in China. The mainstays of the compulsory standards such as GB 15063-2009, GB 21633-2008, GB 20413-2006, GB 20412-2006 and GB18382-2001 were applied during the inspection. AQSIQ found that 94.3% of the phosphates were quality-compliant and 87.7% of the compound fertilizers were qualified.

The major problem of the sub-quality products were inappropriate content of certain chemicals such as phosphorus pentoxide, potassium oxide andnitrogen. Besides, 139 compound fertilizers and 6  of phosphorus products were  found mislabeled or poorly packed.

Names of the sub-standard manufacturers were disclosed online and the heads of the companies were summoned by AQSIQ. The administration asked those companies to implement corrections immediately and warned them the possibility of cancellation of their manufacturing license.

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