Taiwan Bans fosthiazate 75% EC and Restricts Other 3 Formulated Pesticides

COA TAIWANOn August 15 2013, Taiwan Council of Agricultural (COA), Executive Yuan issued the Announcement 1021487388 and Announcement 1021487384 to ban the fosthiazate 75% EC and restrict 3 other formulated products.

The manufacturing, processing and importing of fosthiazate 75% EC should be banned, starting from January 1 2014, while the marketing and use of the product will be stopped from January 1 2015.

COA also cancelled the usage and use range of phoxim 0.5% DP, the diphacinone 0.1% DP and the warfarine 0.5% DP. The above three formulated products has been restricted from August 15 2013.

Reference Link

Announcement 1021487384 of Taiwan COA (in Traditional Chinese)

Announcement 1021487388 of Taiwan COA (in Traditional Chinese)

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