2012 Codex Committee Conference on Pesticide Residues in Shanghai

The 44th Session of the Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues has begun yesterday (23 April) in Shanghai. During the six-day conference, 237 participants coming from 59 countries/districts and 8 international associations will review over 300 draft standards proposed for the residual limits of 27 pesticides in agro products. These include maximum Pesticide Residuals (PR) limit draft standards for cypermethrin in tea products, and acephate and methamidophos in brown rice, proposed by China. 12 subjects including compiling guidance on PR limit for small plots of crops, PR risk analysis principle and agro products categorization, etc. will be addressed on the meeting.

Deputy Minister Chen Xiaohua of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture reported at the first day meeting that China had formulated and revised 2319 national standards related to the PR limits over the past two years. Following the legislative development, China has now formed a system of agricultural product quality standard and risk assessment based on pesticide residues. Also established are a group of specialized risk assessment laboratories for varied species of agro products and a regional orientation monitoring network, subject to the MOA Order 13 of 2011 on measures of lab risk assessment for China’s agro product quality control.

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