490 Pesticide MRLs Newly Added into China’s National Food Safety Standard

  • China’s National food standard, “Maximum Residue Limits for Pesticide in Food (GB 2763-2016)” is released to replace the previous version, GB 2763-2014

  • 106 test methods for pesticide residue detection will become mandatory;

  • 33 pesticides of dietary risk-free are exempted from MRLs;

490 Pesticide MRLs Newly Added into China’s National Food Safety StandardOn 18 Dec 2016, the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of Agriculture and the State Food and Drug Administration jointly issued the “Maximum Residue Limits for Pesticide in Food (GB 2763-2016)”, replacing (GB 2763-2014). Meanwhile, 106 mandatory test methods for pesticide residue detection were also released under GB 23200-2016 series to support the implementation.

GB 2763-2016 consists of 4160 limits of 433 active ingredients in 13 categories of food, which is a considerable increase from the 2014 standard which specified just 3,650 limits. Meanwhile, 184 limits of 24 prohibited and restricted pesticides are included to offer criterion for determination of illegal pesticide use. 33 pesticides which have substantiated safety profiles are exempted from MRLs.

As the host country of CCPR (Codex Committee on Pesticide Residue), China is an active participant in the formation of international residue standards. 11 of the internationally accepted limits were established based on residue data provided by China and have also been used in GB 2763-2016

The promulgation of a new regulation with new MRLs is a major step towards the realization of China’s 13th Five Year Plan as it relates to pesticides and food safety. The establishment of 6000 new limits for fruits, vegetables, cash crops and residue test methods are scheduled during this 5 year period. The limits for imported commodities and universal commodities will also be implemented separately to expand MRL coverage.

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MOA’s News Release (in Chinese)

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