Brazilian MAPA Suspended Approval of 63 Fungicides targeting Soybean Asian Rust  

Brazilian MAPA Suspended Approval of 63 Fungicides targeting Soybean Asia Rust57 triazole and 12 strobilurin fungicides against soybeanAsian Rust will have authorization in Brazil

On 21 Dec 2016, the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply(MAPA) issued  a departmental measure on Federal Official Gazette to suspended the authorization of 63 fungicides registered for Asian rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi) in soybean. The affected products shall have the recommendation excluded from pesticide label and user manual within up to 90 days.

The measure follows  MAPA’s agronomic reevaluation on 117 soybean fungicides, which requiring affected registrants to submit the scientific evidence to confirm the efficacy of their products against biological targets within 60 days. The 63 suspended fungicides were registered by 26 companies, 57 of them contain triazoles and 12 of them contain strobilurins:

No.Registration NumberTrade NameActive Ingredient(Chemical Group)Registrant
1n.° 7609Alternetebuconazole (triazole)Adama Brasil S.A.
2n.° 6708Array 200 ECtebuconazole (triazole)Consagro Agroquímica Ltda.
3n.° 9299Constanttebuconazole (triazole)Bayer S.A.
4n.° 3409Egantebuconazole (triazole)Consagro Agroquímica Ltda.
5n.° 10499Elitetebuconazole (triazole)Bayer S.A.
6n.° 4514Erradicurtebuconazole (triazole)Genbra Distribuidora de Produtos Agricolas Ltda.
7n.° 413Excolhatebuconazole (triazole)Volcano Agrociencia Industria e Comercio de De- fensivos Agricolas Ltda
8n.° 2895Folicur 200 ECtebuconazole (triazole)Bayer S.A.
9n.° 2507Icarus 250 ECtebuconazole (triazole)Rotam do Brasil Agroquímica e Produtos Agríco- las Ltda.
10n.° 11507Konazol 200 ECtebuconazole (triazole)Nufarm Indústria Química e Farmacêutica S.A.
11n.° 2599Orius 250 ECtebuconazole (triazole)Adama Brasil S.A.
12n.° 6203Rival 200 ECtebuconazole (triazole)Nufarm Indústria Química e Farmacêutica S.A.
13n.° 9912Shar Conazoltebuconazole (triazole)Sharda do Brasil Comércio de Produtos Químicos e Agroquímicos Ltda
14n.° 9812Shar-Tebtebuconazole (triazole)Sharda do Brasil Comércio de Produtos Químicos e Agroquímicos Ltda
15n.° 7306Systemictebuconazole (triazole)Helm do Brasil Mercantil Ltda
16n.° 4210Tacora 250 EWtebuconazole (triazole)ANASAC Brasil Comercio e Locação de Máqui- nas Ltda.
17n.° 11108Tebuco Nortoxtebuconazole (triazole)Nortox S.A.
18n.° 8216Tebuconazol 200 EC Agriatebuconazole (triazole)Agrialliance - Comercio Importação e Exportação de Insumos Agropecuários Ltda.
19n.° 9412Tebuconazole CCAB 200 ECtebuconazole (triazole)CCAB Agro S.A
20n.° 1710Tebuforttebuconazole (triazole)UPL do Brasil Indústria e Comércio de Insumos Agropecuários S.A.
21n.° 7406Tebuhelmtebuconazole (triazole)Helm do Brasil Mercantil Ltda.
22n.° 9509Tebuzol 200 ECtebuconazole (triazole)United Phosphorus do Brasil Ltda.
23n.° 2600Triadetebuconazole (triazole)Bayer S.A.
24n.° 7209Bandflutriafol (triazole)BRA Defensivos Agrícolas Ltda.
25n.° 7409Buranflutriafol (triazole)BRA Defensivos Agrícolas Ltda.
26n.° 7111Flamaflutriafol (triazole)Prentiss Química Ltda.
27n.° 5810Flexinflutriafol (triazole)Prentiss Química Ltda.
28n.° 11009Simboll 125 SCflutriafol (triazole)Consagro Agroquímica Ltda.
29n.° 5308Skip 125 SCflutriafol (triazole)Consagro Agroquímica Ltda.
30n.° 2811Tenaz 250 SCflutriafol (triazole)Nufarm Indústria Química e Farmacêutica S.A.
31n.° 4908Trifoliflutriafol (triazole)Sinon do Brasil Ltda.
32n.° 15508Trinity 250 SCflutriafol (triazole)Stockton - Agrimor do Brasil Ltda.
33n.° 14907Zoomflutriafol (triazole)Sinon do Brasil Ltda.
34n.° 2894Scoredifenoconazole (triazole)Syngenta Proteção de Cultivos Ltda.
35n.° 1908Keep 125 SCepoxiconazole (triazole)Adama Brasil S.A.
36n.° 1504Soprano 125 SCepoxiconazole (triazole)Adama Brasil S.A.
37n.° 1197Virtueepoxiconazole (triazole)Basf S.A.
38n.° 8798Palisadefluquinconazole (triazole)Bayer S.A.
39n.° 5594Systhane ECmyclobutanil (triazole)Dow Agrosciences Industrial Ltda.
40n.° 3205Systhane 250 ECmyclobutanil (triazole)Dow Agrosciences Industrial Ltda.
41n.° 5209Bumperpropiconazole (triazole)Adama Brasil S.A.
42n.° 794Junopropiconazole (triazole)Adama Brasil S.A.
43n.° 2198Prioriazoxystrobin (strobilurin)Syngenta Proteção de Cultivos Ltda.
44n.° 7915Quadrisazoxystrobin (strobilurin)Syngenta Proteção de Cultivos Ltda.
45n.° 14814Yodaazoxystrobin (strobilurin)UPL do Brasil Indústria e Comércio de Insumos Agropecuários S.A.
46n.° 2006OranisPicoxystrobin (strobilurin)Du Pont do Brasil S.A.
47n.° 3001Fegatexbenzalkonium chloride (quaternary ammonium)PRTrade Tecnologia e Indústria Química e Farma- cêutica Ltda.
48n.° 4313Priori Topazoxystrobin (strobilurin) + difenoconazole (triazole)Syngenta Proteção de Cultivos Ltda.
49n.° 14011Rivaxcarbendazim (benzimidazole) + tebuconazole (triazole)Nufarm Indústria Química e Farmacêutica S.A.
50n.° 200Arteacyproconazole (triazole) + propiconazole (triazole)Syngenta Proteção de Cultivos Ltda.
51n.° 18908Burgoncyproconazole (triazole) + propiconazole (triazole)Syngenta Proteção de Cultivos Ltda.
52n.° 6608Adantecyproconazole (triazole) + thiamethoxam (neonicotinoid)Syngenta Proteção de Cultivos Ltda.
53n.° 5003Verdadero 600 WGcyproconazole (triazole) + thiamethoxam (neonicotinoid)Syngenta Proteção de Cultivos Ltda.
54n.° 8511Arcadiakresoxim-methyl (strobilurin) + tebuconazole (triazole)Adama Brasil S.A.
55n.° 9009Brioepoxiconazole (triazole) + kresoxim-methyl (strobilurin)Basf S.A.
56n.° 8509Guapoepoxiconazole (triazole) + kresoxim-methyl (strobilurin)Adama Brasil S.A.
57n.° 9209Juwelepoxiconazole (triazole) + kresoxim-methyl (strobilurin)Basf S.A.
58n.° 17008Envoyepoxiconazole (triazole) + pyraclostrobin (strobilurin)Basf S.A.
59n.° 4812Apiceepoxiconazole (triazole) + thiophanate-methyl (benzimidazole (precursor))Iharabras S.A. Indústria Químicas
60n.° 4912Treasureepoxiconazole (triazole) + thiophanate-methyl (benzimidazol (precursor))Basf S.A.
61n.° 4905Celeiroflutriafol (triazole) + thiophanate-methyl (benzimidazole (precursor))Iharabras S.A. Indústria Químicas
62n.° 302Stratego 250 ECpropiconazole (triazole) + trifloxystrobin (strobilurin)Bayer S.A.
63 n.° 15616Miradorazoxistrobin(strobilurin)Adama Brasil S.A.

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Brazilian Federal Official Gazette (in Portuguese)

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