China to Adopt Mandatory QR Code Tracking on Pesticide Labels

China to Adopt Mandatory QR Code Tracking on Pesticide LabelsOn 5 Sep 2017, China MoA issued Announcement 2579 of 2017 to release the “Measures for the Quick Response Code Management on Pesticide Label”. The measures were compiled under “Decree 667-Regulation on the Administration of Pesticides” and the “MoA Order 7 of 2017-Administrative Measures for Pesticide Labels and Manuals”, all of which were promulgated earlier this year. Pesticides produced or imported into China will be subject to QR code labelling requirements beginning on 1st of Jan 2018.
Both the QR (Quick Response) and DM (Data Matrix) coding system can be utilized for pesticide label. Each packing unit uniquely corresponds to a QR code containing a tracking URL and ID code, where traceability information can be obtained:

  • Name of the product and registrant;
  • Registration type/status: field use pesticide, hygiene pesticide and temporarily registered;
  • Registration certificate;
  • Production type: self-produced by the registrant, OEM processing or sub-package

Chinese domestic producers and overseas exporting companies are required to establish the product traceability system either on their own or using entrusted 3rd parties. The traceability website should be regularly updated and accessible to public for information query on the production batch and quality inspection of each pesticide retail unit and the webpages should be compatible for both mobile and PC device.

Reference Link

MoA’s News Release(in Chinese)

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