China to Form New Authority for Pesticide Management

China will form a new pesticide authority under MoA, to undertake primary responsibility for industrial planning, regulation, administrative approval, supervision and sanctions in the pesticide sector.

China to Form New Authority for Pesticide ManagementThe SCOPSR (State Commission for Public Sector Reform) office has recently approved the establishment of a new authority called “Pesticide Management Agency”. The new authority  will operate under MoA’s Department of Plantation Management and take comprehensive charge of industrial planning, administrative approval, supervision and sanctions in the pesticide sector.

China implemented a new pesticide regulation on the 1st of Jun 2017. Under the new regulation MoA takes over responsibilities previously delegated to MIIT and AQSIQ related to production management. MoA will now also be responsible for marketing license approval and surveillance. MoA realizes the necessity of a new administrative division specialized in pesticide production, market circulation and macro policy. The main responsibility and tasks of the pesticide management agency are as follows:

  • To formulate, propose and fulfill the industry developmental strategy
  • To compile and enforce regulations
  • To provide guidance for local agricultural authorities on their performance in production license approval and marketing licensing
  • To examine and approve applications for pesticide registration, laboratory accreditation and new pesticide experimental permits
  • To gather industrial statistics and direct industry policies
  • To organize risk monitoring and issue the early-warning precautions on pesticide use, as well as define the accountability for crop injury
  • To organize the drafting of MRLs and detection methods
  • To establish international exchange and collaboration on the implementation of Stockholm Convention and Rotterdam Convention

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MoA’s News Release(in Chinese)

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