China ICAMA Initiates Re-registration Investigation on 8 Pesticides

As a preliminary step of registration reassessment, China ICAMA will investigate the production, marketing, health and environmental risk and available alternatives of carbendazim, atrazine, triazophos, imidacloprid, alachlor, butachlor, metolcarb and dimethacarb.

On 22 Jun 2016, China ICAMA released a circular to all provincial subdivisions on the risk investigation of 8 pesticides: carbendazim, atrazine, triazophos, imidacloprid, alachlor, butachlor, metolcarb and dimethacarb. The initiative is a preliminary step of registration review.

All provincial subdivisions are required to submit the following information:

  • The production and marketing statistics of all affected products (technical grade active ingredient, formulation and mixtures) within their jurisdiction, which should be collected from each production company;
  • Impacts on human and animal health, agricultural production, environmental safety;
  • Possible alternatives to these pesticides and utilization information on the alternatives;
  • Regional prohibition and restriction against these pesticides;

All questionnaires will be submitted to ICAMA’s pesticide Registration review office by 30 Jun 2016. The office was established in 2013 to standardize the reassessment of registered pesticides. 10 to 20 active ingredients are to be selected annually for reassessment in following three years. The elimination of high risk pesticides has been accelerated in recent years, China banned/ restricted 7 pesticides in late 2013. The ban on 2,4-butylate and restriction of flubendiamide were also proposed recently.

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