China MoA Compiles Plan for Hazardous Pesticides Control

China MoA Compiles Plan for Hazardous Pesticides Control

  • MoA has participated in a cross ministerial campaign on hazardous chemical control;

  • Two ministerial regulations regarding hazardous pesticide will be developed during the transitional phase of China’s new pesticide regulation;

On 28 Dec 2016, China MoA submitted the “Implementation Plan for the Integrated Management of Hazardous Pesticides” to the General Office of the State Council. The submission was in response to its circular on the Plan for the Integrated Management of Hazardous Chemicals, which was issued at the end of November.

MoA’s plan is part of a multi-ministerial campaign on hazardous chemical control. A three-phase plan been scheduled as follows:

  • Deployment Stage (Dec. 2016) - develop a substantial plan and define the division of labor among the different authorities
  • Rectification Stage (Jan. 2017 to Oct. 2019) – implementation of key mechanisms
  • Conclusion Stage (Nov. 2019) – report the outcomes to the State Council

As the campaign will be implemented during the transitional stage of the new pesticide regulatory regime, two ministerial regulations will be developed within 12 months after the promulgation of new pesticide regulation:

  • List of Restricted Pesticide-The list will be compiled on the basis of pesticides included in the “Catalogue of Hazardous Chemicals” and categorized management will be adopted according to different magnitude of risk
  • Measures for the Operation License Management of Pesticide- The restricted pesticide can only be marketed by designated shops and a real name purchase system will be implemented

MoA may conduct reassessment and impose restrictions on risky pesticides at any time.

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MoA's News Release(in Chinese)

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