China pesticide exportation in 2015 decreased firstly in last 5 years

In general, pesticide production growth in 2015 has been slow down and decreased for the first time among the last 5 years. According to data of National Bureau of Statistic of China, the pesticide exportation amount from January to November is 138.15 million tones and decreased by 9.2% comparing to 2014. The exportation value also declined from 87.60 billion USD in 2014 to 66.70 billion USD in 2015 for the previous 11 months. The detailed data is showed as followed:


 (Data source: National Bureau of Statistics of China)

“The main reason that led to decrease of pesticide production is the environmental pressure and cost of raw material,” Wen Jun Zhang- Director of International Communication Department of ICAMA said in the Third Pesticide Import & Export Situation Conference. Zhang believes that with the release of environmental pressure, the exportation situation would rise in 2016 or 2017.

Among the exportation product types in 2015, herbicide and insecticide are the most popular product accounting for more than 80% of the total exportation value. However, comparing to 2014, both exportation amount of herbicide and insecticide decreased more than 20% in 2015. Plan growth regulator and raticide performed well in 2015 and increased by 3%.


(Data source: National Bureau of Statistics of China)

Considering the exportation value by countries in the first three quarters, America, Brazil, and Australia are the top 3 pesticide importing countries from China. Comparing to 2014, both America and Australia enjoyed a slight increase by 1.22% and 3.39% separately. However, due to the environmental considerations on several popular pesticides, exportation value to Brazil declined dramatically by 35.91% to only 4.57 billion USD this year.  

(Data source: Presentation of Wenjun Zhang, International Director of International Communication Department of ICAMA said in the Third Pesticide Import & Export Situation Conference)

The government is now encouraging “zero growth” in pesticide industry, which would force manufacturers to export more pesticide to more countries. In 2015, the MOA cancelled exportation registration and issued trade permissions for those pesticide specially offered to foreign markets. 

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