China Promulgates 5 Supporting Measures for New Pesticide Regulation

China Promulgates 5 Supporting Measures for New Pesticide RegulationOn 21 Jun 2017, China MoA issued Ministerial Orders 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 of 2017, promulgating 5 administrative measures for new pesticide regulation. The draft measures were initially circulated for inter-ministerial consultation in early April and the second drafts were subject to public comment and feedback in late April and finally approved under MoA’s executive meeting on 1 Jun 2017.

To minimize regulatory ambiguity, MoA has refined requirements and already realized structural rearrangement at an institutional level. Compared with the the first and second draft, the final texts include significant changes in both content which will have the following implications for industry:

  • Requirements related to substantiation of pesticide benefit via evaluation is less emphasized, but pesticide risk assessment report will still be required for pesticide registration;
  • The provision on registration exemption for natural enemy pesticides was removed from the final version;
  • The rules on registration for export only purpose will be compiled by MoA separately;
  • Pesticide registrants should analyse the changes in safety and efficacy of their products, as well as product recall and incidents during pesticide production and usage;
  • Product traceability system, wastes recycle and disposal equipment will be mandatorily required for pesticide producers.


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