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Analysis of Herbicide Registration in China: Statistics in 2015-2022, Part 1/2
China is one of the most seriously weeds-harmed countries and mainly relies on chemical pesticides for weed control, i.e., herbicides. This article is an analysis of herbicide registration in China, in two parts: Statistics in 2015-2022, and Updated Regulations, Policy, and New Herbicides in 2022.
K-BPR: Consumer Chemical Products Include Fragrance, Fungicide, Insect Repellent Has Been Inspected on a Large Scale Again!
On August 11, 2022, the Korea Ministry of Environment and the Korea Environmental Industry& Technology Institute issued a prohibition on the manufacturing, importing and marketing of 623 kinds of  consumer chemical products that violate the “Act on the Safety Management for Consumer Chemical Products and Biocides” (hereinafter as K-BPR Regulations). 
What Should Companies Do After the Disinfectant Products are Registered with the U.S. EPA?
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 at the end of 2019, the U.S. EPA has issued a series of friendly policies to encourage companies to register disinfectants in order to ensure the demands for disinfectants by U.S. citizens. Driven by both market demand and government policies, many Chinese companies took advantage of this opportunity to layout the U.S. disinfectant market.  
EU Technical Equivalence Assessment (TE): About Specifications
China has always been a major exporter of pesticide technical materials. The most convenient way for pesticide technical materials to enter the European market is to apply for Technical Equivalence (TE) Assessments. REACH24H, based on our experience in assisting companies with TE applications, found that many companies are still not familiar with how technical specifications are determined in TE. Hence, this article summarizes some common questions for companies interested in TE applications.
Analysis of Disinfection Products Classification in China
What’s the difference between China’s disinfection products, EU biocides, and antimicrobial pesticides in the U.S.? To help enterprises better understand China’s disinfection products classification system, today we will introduce the detailed definitions and types of disinfection products in China.
Concerns in Preparation of Enterprise Standards for Pesticide Products in China
Pesticide enterprise standards (QB) are standards prepared by enterprises on product quality specifications and testing methods, which play a very important role in China’s pesticide registration. Therefore, storage stability tests and product quality tests in pesticide registration should be carried out according to such product enterprise standards. We sorted out and summarized the matters of concern in the process of compiling enterprise standards, to help the enterprises compile qualified stability tests and product quality test reports, and to successfully complete the pesticide registration..
How to Amend a Registered Pesticide Product under the U.S. EPA?
Enterprises usually have to spend a huge amount of cost to complete a pesticide registration under the US EPA, but are subject to registration amendments afterward due to various reasons, such as trade market demands, formula changes, active ingredient source changes, label changes, etc. What’s the difference between the pesticide registration amendments and new registration? Is the registration amendments easier than new registration? In this article, REACH24H will give a detailed introduction to pesticide registration amendments under the US EPA.
China Biological Pesticides: Compliance Suggestions and Market Analysis
In China’s pesticide system, the definition of biological pesticides includes microbial pesticides, biochemical pesticides and botanical pesticides. In recent years, the Chinese government has also encouraged enterprises to develop and use biopesticides, and the registration of biopesticides also enjoys preferential policies.
Comparison of Product Chemistry Requirements and Key Points Analysis for Pesticide Registration in China, the US and Europe
Product chemical data is the most basic part among the pesticide registration dossier. In addition to identity information, it also includes the 5 batch analysis of the technical materials, phys-chem properties and physical hazards for both technical materials and preparations, and technical properties for preparations. Generally, tests are needed to generate data for the four parts. This article will compare the product chemistry requirements for pesticide registration in China, the US and Europe, hoping to help companies in pesticide registration in various countries.  
Status Quo of Pesticide Reevaluation in China
Pesticide reevaluation refers to the reassessment of a registered pesticide through safety, efficacy, and agronomic aspects, by using the latest scientific tools and findings. This procedure has been an established practice in developed countries and economies to grantee the sustained benefits of agricultural production, food safety, and environmental protection.
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