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MoA to Hold Pesticide Marketing Approval Hearing
On May 26 2014, ICAMA released a notice on its website that the MoA is inviting representatives for a hearing on pesticide marketing approval, which will take place late next month. The hearing will pave the way for China’s new pesticide regulation.
Taiwan BAPHIQ Issues Warning Against Maize Chlorotic Mottle Virus
On 22 May 2014, Taiwan Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, Council of Agricultural, Executive Yuan (BAPHIQ) issued a warning outlining that MCMV (Maize Chlorotic Mottle Virus) infection had been identified in a corn field in Taiwan. The Bureau is taking measures to increase supervision on seed import management and pest control
China Halts Production of Dicofol
According to the MEP, the last Chinese Dicofol producer Jiangsu Yangnong shut down their  production facility on May 17. The cessation of production is another step in China’s implementation of the Stockholm Convention. The agrochemical industry has greeted the news with apprehension. Industry fears that additional highly-toxic (HPT) will be phased-out in the future and is surely not reassured by the pending Jul 1st deadline on paraquat production.
Japan Pesticide Shipments Increased by 13% in H1 FY2014
By the end of March 2014 the volume of Japanese pesticide shipment rose by 13.2 %( year on year) to some 129,400 tons. In the same period the value of shipments increased by 14.4% to 244.63 billion Yen.  
China MOA Grants 98 Temporary Registration Certificates for Fertilizer
On May 12 2014, MoA issued the fifth batch of fertilizer registration certificates in 2014.
Regulations on Highly Hazardous Pesticides in China
This article has summarized the banned or restricted for use pesticide in china which are  published by MOA announcements and those pesticides which are suggested to be banned or restricted for use by the pesticide registration review committee. Also it describe  the followed control  measures and suggestion  for administration of  highly hazardous pesticide in china .
China Pesticide Balance of Trade: Q1 Statistics
According to ICAMA statistics, China’s pesticide export volume dropped by 3.16 %( year on year) to some 428, 5000 tones in the first three month of 2014. In the same period the value of exports increased by 0.18% to 2.19 billion USD. 
MIIT plan to reduce the manufacturing and emission of highly-toxic pesticide (HTP)
Several days ago the MIIT and MOF jointly published a notification (gongxinbulianjie[2014]168) specifying plans to substitute the use of highly toxic pollutants including mercury, lead and highly-toxic pesticides(HTP),including: Methidathion, Thimet, Isofenphos-Methyl, Carbofuran, Methomyl.
MIIT Decentralizes Approval of Pesticide Manufacturing Renewal to Provincial Authorities
On April 6 2014, the MIIT issued a notice that the regulatory responsibility of renewing pesticide manufacturing approval will be decentralized to competent authorities of industrial management at a provincial level.
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