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REACH24H Europe Seminar 2013: An Introduction to Chinese Chemical Regulatory Obligations Resource Available

China’s chemical industry has rapidly developed over the course of the last two decades. This exponential growth has been driven by China’s remarkable economic development and an influx of foreign investment with numerous foreign companies seeking their piece of the proverbial pie. To better control chemicals manufactured or imported in China mainland, the Chinese government has taken various measures both in legislation and law enforcement to impose obligations on chemical manufacturers, importers and downstream users. Regulations such as China GHS, New Chemical Substance Notification (NCSN) and legislations on monitoring cosmetics and pesticides are among those which increasingly affect a huge number of players in chemical industry. In “REACH24H Europe Seminar 2013”, REACH24H aims to bring you the latest regulatory developments in addition to providing you the technical and practical know-how to efficiently comply with regulatory obligations helping you expedite getting your product on the market. It is an exciting opportunity for global EHS managers to refine and expand their knowledge and to clarify many of the most ambiguities intrinsic to the Chinese regulatory framework. The seminar will also afford attendees a unique opportunity to network and develop relationship with luminaries of the regulatory industry.

Webinar Document

China Chemical Regulation Structure PPT Free Download
China New Chemical Substance Notification Experience Sharing PPT Free Download
Pre market approval of new cosmetic ingredients in China PPT Free Download
Requirements and solutions for Up-dated Hazardous chemical registration in China PPT Free Download
What steps should be taken to improve China GHS compliance PPT Free Download
Seminar QA Session from Martin Hu: Download (Only accessible to paid members and seminar attendees)
Seminar QA Session from Helen Ye: Download (Only accessible to paid members and seminar attendees)
Seminar QA Session from Eric Sun: Download (Only accessible to paid members and seminar attendees)
FAQ China Cosmetics&China NCSN: Download (Only accessible to paid members and seminar attendees)
FAQ China GHS&China HazChem registration: Download (Only accessible to paid members and seminar attendees)

Main Topics:

  •  China chemical regulatory system
  •  China chemical regulatory enforcement activity
  •  China GHS compliance
  •  China GHS inspection status quo
  •  hazardous chemical registration in China
  •  China new chemical substance notification
  •  new cosmetic ingredient notification in China

Who attended:

  •  EHS Director/Manager
  •  Product Stewardship Director/Manager
  •  Supply Chain Director/Manager
  •  RA/QA/GA Director/Manager
  •  Commercial/BD Director/Manager