Annual Report of Thailand Agricultural Pesticide Importation in 2014

Title:Annual Report of Thailand Agricultural Pesticide Importation in 2014
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AuthorFang Lin
Publish date:2015-03-25

Thailand agricultural pesticide imports soar over 70% to 22.813 billion Baht (702 million USD at the current rate) by the end of 2014. Compare with the previous year, the number of the imported pesticide active ingredients/combinations has increased from 210 to 253. Herbicide was by far the most imported pesticide category, which accounted for 80% of the total volume, followed by Insecticide (9%) and fungicide (8%).

Totally 176 Thailand agrochemical companies imported pesticide from 36 countries/regions and China is undeniable the largest sourcing origin. Totally 364 million USD amounting to some 147,375 tons of the imported pesticides were origin form China, followed by Switzerland (68.24 million USD/763 tons), India (42.03 million USD/7,274 tons) and Japan (29.61 million USD/1,022 tons):

  • The value of herbicide importation was 413.535 million USD amounting to some 117,645,359 tons of the products;
  • In total 10,988 tons of fungicides valued at 144.9 million USD were imported;
  • A total of 13,910 tons of insecticides valued at123.54 million USD were imported; 

This report conta the statistic of the volume, value of the 253 imported active ingredients/combinations and over 440 formulations, as well as the performance of origin countires/region and the contact inofrmation of  over 200 Thailand agrochemical importers/agribusiness companies.

Table of Content

  • Page 3 - Name, type, Physical Quantity, Value and active ingredient volume of each active ingredient/combination(253个农药品种/混剂组合名称,类型,实物量,进口额以及折百量);
  • Page 17 - Name, concentration level, formulation spectification, origin, physical quantity, value and active ingredient volume of each product (超过440个制剂/产品的名称,浓度,剂型规格,进口来源地,实物量,金额, 折百量统计);
  • Page 54 - Physicial quantity, value and active ingredient volume of each origin county/region(进口数量,金额,折百量按国别统计);
  • Page 57 - Name list and Contact Infomormaition of 174 Thailand agricultural pesticide importing companies(174家在2014年度从事过农用农药进口活动的泰国公司名称和联系方式);
  • Page 100 - Other Thai Companies Engaged in Agribusiness and Contact Infomation(其它从事农资业务的泰国公司以及联系方式)