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Date: 2017-02-22
Speaker: Ms. Vivian Chen
Language: English (twice)
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Myanmar is the second largest country in Southeast Asia, where agricultural sector represents over 30% of the national GDP and export value. After the formation of new government in 2011, polices of tax relaxation on the exportation agricultural products exportation and tax exemption on the importation of agricultural inputs were implemented to support agricultural development.
Myanmar possesses similarity with Thailand in arable area, crop variety, cultivation pattern and weather condition, but pesticide uses are still relatively few. The market scale has grown from less than 3000 tons in 2002 to over 11,000 tons in 2011 and it is estimated that the scale could grow to 600 million USD within next five years.
Myanmar pesticide management authority Pesticide Registration Board (PRB) will hold the 27th review meeting in early 2017, in order to help companies further understand pesticide market and registration situation in Myanmar, our webinar will focus on the key points on Myanmar market and pesticide registration, as well as the procedures, cost and duration of Myanmar pesticide registration.


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Feb 22  2017 (Wednesday)


Beijing Time(GMT+8)

3:30-4:00 pm



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Compliance Strategy Analysis of Myanmar Pesticide Registration and Market Introduction


Vivian ChenMs. Vivian Chen, Regulatory specialist

Ms. Chen has graduated from Zhejiang University with a Master’s degree in plant protection and pesticide, she has four years’ experience specializing in pesticide registration overseas, mainly focus on Southeast Asia, East Africa, USA etc. pesticide regulatory research and training as well as China disinfectants registration. Besides, she is also engaged in agrochemical market analysis.