Biocidal Product Authorization for Calcium Hypochlorite under EU Biocidal Product Regulation

Date: 2017-04-27
Speaker: Ms.Daisy Hu, Regulatory Consultant
Language: English (twice)

Since the active substance of Calcium Hypochlorite has already been approved in December 14th, 2016, the deadline of submitting the product authorization dossier is the end of 2018 which is less than two years from now on. In order not to affect the normal trade of relevant entity, it is the time for the relevant companies to prepare product authorization right now. Therefore, recently more and more companies are very concerned about the Biocidal Product Authorization of Calcium Hypochlorite. As requested by many enterprises, REACH24H Consulting Group would like to hold a free webinar on April 27, 2017 to help interested companies get a comprehensive understanding on the Biocidal Product Authorization of Calcium Hypochlorite under BPR and acquire the most practical regulatory compliance advices and market access strategies which would help interested companies maintain biocidal business in the EU market. Looking forward to your attendance.


This webinar is totally free and delivered twice to facilitate participants from more time zones, click on below links to select the session:

DateApril. 27  2017 (Wednesday)
TimeBeijing Time(GMT+8)4:00-4:30  pmRegister
 Beijing Time(GTM+8)22:00-22:30 pmRegister


Biocidal Product Authorization for Calcium Hypochlorite under EU Biocidal Product Regulation-round 2

  • Comparative Analysis on Different Approaches of Product Authorization
  • Major Processes Involved in Calcium Hypochlorite Authorization
  • Timeline and Period for the Authorization
  • Cost Estimation
  • Things to Note for Product Authorization
  • Our Service


Ms. Bella TuMs.Daisy Hu, Regulatory Consultant

Ms. Hu graduated with a Master’s degree from Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University. She has rich experience in regulatory compliance specializing in EU BPR, EU PPP, US EPA and China Disinfectant registration. And Ms. Hu has provided excellent compliance strategies for many top international enterprises and well helps them solve the problem in compliance.