Compliance Strategy Analysis of China Disinfectants and Case Study

Date: 2017-05-17
Speaker: Ms. Vivian Chen

It has been 3 years, since the reform of China disinfectant regulation in 2014. As we know, the reform provides much opportunities and challenges for multi-national companies because of lower threshold for market access and simple approval procedure. To give overseas enterprises further insight into China disinfectant regulation and implementation and help them better comply with regulatory requirements, REACH24H AMD team will hold a webinar focusing on regulatory requirements for disinfectants and case sharing, based on our deep understanding of regulation system and rich operation experience.


This webinar is totally free and delivered twice to facilitate participants from more time zones, click on below links to choose your best session:

DateMay 17  2017 (Wednesday)LanguangeEnglishRegistration Link
Time16:00-16:30(GMT+8, Bejing)World Clock19:00-19:30(Melbourne)Register
22:00-22:30(GMT+8, Bejing)15:00-15:30(Paris),9:00-9:30(New York)Register





  • Compliance Strategy Analysis of China Disinfectants and Case Study
  • Brief Introduction to China Disinfectant Regulation
  • Compliance Approach for New and Existing Disinfectant
  • Test Requirements
  • Case Study
  • Service of REACH24H


Vivian ChenMs. Vivian Chen, Regulatory specialist

Ms. Chen has graduated from Zhejiang University with a Master’s degree in plant protection and biocide, she has a great deal of experience specializing in China disinfectant regulatory compliance and pesticide registration overseas. In addition, she has handled plenty of cases on China disinfectants registration and provided excellent compliance services for many multi-national companies.