Biocidal Product Authorization for Calcium Hypochlorite under EU Biocidal Product Regulation-round 2

Date: 2017-08-02
Speaker: Ms.Bella Tu, Regulatory Consultant
Language: English (twice)

“The COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2017/1274” has now been published approving active chlorine released from calcium hypochlorite as an existing active substance for use in biocidal products of product-types 2, 3, 4 and 5. The approval date of the active substance is as expected in 01 January 2019. That means relevant companies should submit product authorisation application before 01 January 2019.

Considering only less than a year and a half left, companies should determine the authorisation strategy and begin to prepare application material as soon as possible. Please kindly note that if you want to apply Union Authorisation, a Pre-submission should be submitted at the latest 180 days before the intended date of submission.

We, REACH24H Consulting Group have organized a free webinar with the subject Biocidal Product Authorization for Calcium Hypochlorite under BPR” on 27 April 2017, presenting some work we have done to assist relevant applicants to apply Calcium Hypochlorite Authorization and received a lot of feedback from participants after the Webinar. At this critical moment, we would like to hold the second round of the Webinar which is still free. This time we will focus on more detailed information to assist potential applicants to well prepare and comply with the upcoming authorization, for example authorization fees regarding different authorization types. Your participation will be most welcome.


This webinar is totally free and delivered twice to facilitate participants from more time zones, click on below links to select the session:

DateAug. 2  2017 (Wednesday)
TimeBeijing Time(GMT+8)4:00-4:40  pmRegister
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Biocidal Product Authorization for Calcium Hypochlorite under EU Biocidal Product Regulation-round 2

  • Procedures and Timelines under BPR
  • Authorisation Types under BPR
  • Technical Equivalence
  • Alternative Authorisation Modes for Calcium Hypochlorite Product Authorisation
  • Estimated Fees to Complete Calcium Hypochlorite Product Authorisation


Ms. Bella TuMs.Bella Tu, Regulatory Consultant

Ms. Tu graduated with a Master degree from University of Leeds, UK. She has 5-year experience in regulatory compliance specialized in EU BPR, EU PPP, US EPA , China Disinfectant registration and pesticide regulations. With her rich experience, Ms. Tu has been devoted herself to providing excellent regulatory compliance strategies for lots of top enterprises across the world, which helps the companies to win the global markets in the most efficient and cost effective way.