ICAMA Publishes Pesticide Risk Assessment Model “COPrisk”

ICAMA Publishes Pesticide Risk Assessment Model “COPrisk”On the last days of February ICAMA released its latest pesticide risk assessment model COPrisk. Six models have been released to date, including the Repellents Risk Assessment Model, Repellents, Aerosols, CML model, TOP-Rice, China-PEARL. The models mentioned above, along with COPrisk offer guidance and assistance to companies preparing their risk assessment report for the purpose of complying with China pesticide registration data requirements.

COPrisk 2.0 contains correcting functions to help users enter data step by step and complete the risk assessment. This model can assess the risk of products which contains no more than three active ingredients. The main application method of this model is a manual backpack sprayer. The model can be applied to products with hundreds of different target crops and pests.

Unfortunately, this model cannot be applied to other pesticide formulation types, such as powder, granules, etc, and some new application methods such as aircraft delivery. There is currently no suitable model of risk evaluation for these methods. Therefore, it may even prove challenging for such companies to finish the risk assessment, which can only be performed using customized scenario models.

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An Introduction on China’s New Pesticide Registration Data Requirements-MoA Announcement 2569 


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