Compliance Survey on Quaternary Ammonium (QACs) Biocides in China


Compliance Survey on Quaternary Ammonium (QACs) Biocides in ChinaQuaternary ammonium compounds (QACs) are among the most widely used disinfectants in the world and are used on medical devices, common surfaces, food containers and the human body etc. To assess the risk/hazards posed by these substances the Chinese health inspection and disease control authority sampled 193 commercial QAC disinfectants (on the market since 2009) and analyzed the product origin, composition, use scope, target microbial organisms and label claims. A total of 12 imported and 181 homemade QAC disinfectants were sampled from 21 provinces, consisting of 187 liquid formulations, 5 spray formulations and 1 powdery formulation. Adherence to GB GB26369-2010 was investigated. It was revealed that benzalkoniums, DDAC and DDAB are the most common QACs and over 20% of human-use disinfectants contain excess level of QACs.


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