China MoARA Scheduled the Priorities for Crop Production FY2019

China MoARA Scheduled the Priorities for Crop Production FY2019On 21 Feb 2019, China MoARA released the “Crop Production Work Focus for 2019”. The main grain product capacity would be stable in 2019. Furthermore, the ministry schedules the legislative process on agricultural input and crop protection regulations and the new developing of fertilizer regulation was officially planned.

Plantation adjustment

In 2018, China harvested 657.9 million tons of grains and the total output is expected to be stable in 2019. The acreage of rice and wheat will maintain at 53.3 hectares whereas and maize will be frozen at last year's level. Soybean plantation will be encouraged and the acreage of soybean and other oil crops is expected to increase by 0.33 million hectares. The acreages of cotton and sugar crops will be 3.34 million hectares and 15.3 million hectares.

High water-consuming crops would be reduced in some grounder water overexploited regions such as the Tarim river region in Xinjiang and Northern China. Wheat plantation will also be reduced in some susceptible area of rust disease and Fusarium head blight (FHB). Production of silage maize and alfalfa will be developed. The production of high-quality rice, wheat, edible soybean, low-erucic-acid and low-glucosinolate rapeseed, high-yield sugar cane and other cash crops will be increased and facilitated.

Agrochemical reduction

The ministry will continue the chemical fertilizer reduction campaign.300 counties will be designated as the pilot zone of chemical fertilizer reduction and the utilization efficiency would be improved to 40% by 2020.

The replacement of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer will continue on apple, citrus, greenhouse vegetables and tea plant plantation in 175 counties and social investment will be encouraged.

In some main grain plantation regions and fruit, vegetable and tea plantation regions, whole-course green pest control will be adopted and percentage of green pest control will reach to 30% and use of pesticide would continue to reduce.

Legislative plan

Some fertilizer safety standards, 1000 pesticide MRLs and general standard for pesticide testing will be enacted in the short term. The development/revise of administrative regulations and ministerial measures has been scheduled:

  • Regulation for the prevention and control of agricultural pests and diseases
  • Measures for the categorized management of agricultural pests and diseases
  • Implementing rules for the regulation on plant quarantine
  • Measure for the recycling and disposal of pesticide packaging wastes
  • Measure for the recycling and disposal of fertilizer packaging wastes
  • Regulation for the administration on fertilizer

Reference Link

MoARA's News Release(in Chinese)

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