China MoARA Grants Emergency Use of 25 Pesticides against Spodoptera frugiperda Invasion

China MoARA Grants Emergency Use of 25 Pesticides against Spodoptera frugiperda InvasionOn 3 Jun 2019, China MoARA issued an emergency notice regarding the control of a worldwide invasion pest, Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E.Smmith). The invasion was firstly found in Yunnan province early this year and rapidly spread throughout 18 provinces in south China and would continue to migrate into northern regions. Since China has not yet registered any pesticide for the control of the pest, the Ministry granted the emergency use of 25 pesticides until 31 Dec 2020.

Single compounded formulations:

  1. Emamectin benzoate;
  2. Indoxacarb;
  3. Tetrachlorantraniliprole(SYP9080);
  4. Chlorantraniliprole
  5. Lambda-cyhalothrin;
  6. Cyfluthrin;
  7. Fenpropathrin;
  8. Deltamethrin;
  9. Acephate;
  10. Lufenuron;
  11. Chlorfenapyr;
  12. Mamestra brassicae multiple NPV;
  13. Bacillus thuringiensis;
  14. Metarhizium anisopliae;
  15. Beauveria bassiana;
  16. Empedobacter brevis;
  17. Spodoptera frugiperda sexual attractant

Multiple compounede formulations:

  1. Emamectin benzoate+Indoxacarb
  2. Emamectin benzoate +Hexaflumuron
  3. Emamectin benzoate+Lambda-cyhalothrin
  4. Emamectin benzoate +Chlorfenapyr
  5. Emamectin benzoate +Lufenuron
  6. Emamectin benzoate +Tebufenozide
  7. Chlorantraniliprole +Lambda-cyhalothrin
  8. Diflubenzuron+ Lambda-cyhalothrin

Reference Link

MoARA's News Release(in Chinese)

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