MoARA Designates 15 Sample Inspection Labs for Fertilizer Registration

MoARA Designates 15 Sample Inspection Labs for Fertilizer RegistrationOn 3 Jan 2020, the Chinese Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs announced 15 labs have passed through a qualification review. These labs will be designated as sample inspection labs for fertilizer registration for the next 3 years.
In recent years, MoARA made a series of amendments to streamline the fertilizer registration process, including the cancelation of temporary registration and broadened acceptance scope of efficacy trial report. Fertilizer efficacy trial can be conducted either by the applicant or entrusted labs (CNAS and CATL qualified) and product quality test should be conducted at the same time. After receiving the application and sample from the applicant, MoARA will also organize tests on product quality and safety. Therefore, parts of the quality indicators are tested twice: one arranged by the applicant during the field trial stage and one arranged by the MoARA after receiving the application. The scope of safety test varies depending on product category and composition:

List of MoARA-Designated labs for Fertilizer Registration(by Jan 2020)

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