China MoARA Issued Agricultural Specification to Minimize Pesticide Residue in Minor Crops

China ICAMA Issued Agricultural Specification to Minimize Pesticide Residue in Minor CropsOn May 27, 2020, China MoARA issued the “Technical Specification for the Risk Mitigation of Pesticide Residue in Minor Crops”, aimed to facilitate pesticide registration and control the dietary risk of minor crops.

The document was compiled following the “Administrative Measures for Pesticide Registration” and “MoA Announcement 2569-Data Requirements on Pesticide Registration”, as well as the “Promoting Program for the Standardization of Pesticide MRLs (FY2015-2020)”. After the survey, expert reasoning, field trial and consultation processes, ICAMA developed the maximum number of applications, maximum rate, application method and pre-harvest interval of 67 pesticides targeting 84 minor crops including fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs.

MoARA pointed out that local agricultural authorities may select the pesticides during emergency case Applicants seeking for minor-crop use pesticide registration (through the label expansion of a registered pesticide) could be exempted from residue test if the proposed usage was consistent with the specification.

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MoARA's News Release(in Chinese)

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