South Korea Updates the List of Existing Biocidal Substances Subject to Deferred Approval


South Korea Updates the List of Existing Biocidal Substances Subject to Deferred ApprovalOn August 24, the Korean Ministry of Environment issued the Notification 2020-182 to amend the list of existing biocidal substances subject to deferred approval.

South Korea enacted the “Act on the Safety Management of Household Chemical Products and Biocides(K-BPR)” in 2018, requiring manufacturers and importers of biocidal substance to obtain a substance approval from the Ministry. Biocidal substances used in biocidal products or treated articles placed in Korea before December 31, 2018, are allowed to be designated as “existing biocidal substances subject to deferred approval” and manufactured or imported without obtaining the approval within their grace period if their producers and manufacturers fulfilled reporting and submission obligations:

  • Notify MoE the basic information on the substance before June 30, 2019, including name, trade name and use type, etc.;
  • Submit to the MoE the plan for the application of substance approval within 1 year after the substance being designated as the existing substance.

For substance manufactured or imported by multiple companies, the plan shall be submitted separately and one of the companies can be selected as the representative of data submitter for the joint submission. The data can also be used by other applicants not yet participate in the joint submission through MoE’s data compensation system. If the manufacturer or importer failed to submit the plan or application for substance approval, the notified substance will be deemed as difficult to submit the data within the grace period and manufacturer or importer will be prohibited from business activities. If all manufacturers and importers of the substance were prohibited, the designation of the substance will be canceled.

On December 31, 2019, MoE issued the Notification 2019-249 and a total of 741 substances were designated as the existing substances. The chemical name, CAS number, use type, grace period, and notifying companies of 743 existing substances revised by Notification 2020-182 are as follows:

List of Existing Biocidal Substances Subject to Deferred(premium members only)

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source:Korean MoE's Chemical Product Management System

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