China NHC Proposed Amendment Overhauling the Pending Mandatory Standard GB 38850

China NHC Proposed Amendment Overhauling the Pending Mandatory Standard GB 38850On September 3, 2020, the Chinese National Health Commission displayed the amendment to the pending mandatory standard, “GB 388750-2020 Lists of Material and Restricted Substances in Disinfectants”, which is due to take effect on November 1, 2020.

The standard was promulgated earlier this year without any publicity process but the most debated issue is the limited number of permitted inert ingredients. Industries have strongly criticized that the standard would pose interference with current enforcing practice and hindrance to innovative development. After hearing a wide range of industry opinions collected by the China Cleaning Industry Association (CCIA), NHC proposed significant changes to GB 38850:

  • The inert ingredient list was completely removed;
  • The use scope of existing active ingredients went from allowable to recommended one;
  • The use of central-air conditioning ventilation system was removed;
  • Sodium percarbonate was newly included as an existing active ingredient used for environment and object surface and hospital sewage;
  • Chlorine dioxide, citric acid and PHMB were added with environmental usage;

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