China MoARA Started Accepting Online Filing of 7 Chemical Fertilizers

China MoARA Started Accepting Online Filing of 7 Chemical FertilizersThe Chinese Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs has recently launched the online filing system for 7 types of chemical fertilizers, namely water-soluble fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, water-soluble fertilizer containing calcium and magnesium, water-soluble fertilizer containing calcium and magnesium, magnesium-potassium chloride for agriculture use, magnesium-potassium sulfate for agriculture use, compound fertilizer (complex fertilizer) and compound fertilizer (complex fertilizer).

These fertilizers were recently excluded from existing registration requirements, aimed to abolish and decentralize administrative matters for products with reliable manufacturing techniques and explicit quality indicators.

China MoARA Started Accepting Online Filing of 7 Chemical Fertilizers

Producers who have already registered with MoARA or provincial agricultural authorities need to file their products with the platform by December 31st.

To use the filing system, enterprises must sign a letter of commitment, bearing all legal responsibility for the authenticity of the data submitted, health and safety incidents for the uses of raw material or ingredients in the products, as well as intellectual property disputes.

China MoARA Started Accepting Online Filing of 7 Chemical Fertilizers

Once the filing is completed, the name of the producer, the generic name of the product, product form, technical indicator, filing number and time of filing will be publicly available.

For imported fertilizers, overseas producers need to provide extra information as follows:

  • Information about the overseas producer, including Chinese and English name and address of the manufacturer, legal person name and passport number;
  • Information about Chinese responsible unit: business license, front and back photocopy of identity card of the legal person, name, ID number, address and telephone number of the legal person;
  • Product information including product type and target crop;
  • documents including enterprise registration certificate of the overseas producer, documentary evidence issued by the competent authority at is origin country certifying that the product is legally produced/marketed, entrustment agreement between the overseas producer and Chinese responsible unit, the sample of label used overseas. The enterprise registration certificate, the documentary evidence and the label should be authenticated and legalized by a local Chinese embassy or consulate and translated by a Chinese notary authority.

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