Philippine Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority to Take over Veterinary Biocide Registration

Philippine Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority to Take over Veterinary Biocide RegistrationOn April 22, 2021, the Philippine Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) issued the Memorandum Circular regarding the registration of veterinary-use biocides previously registered with the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) that subject to be transferred to FPA.

The Authority reiterated that its jurisdiction scope shall include both pesticides and other agricultural chemicals:

  • Pesticide-Any substance or product, or mixtures including active ingredients, adjuvants and formulations that intended to control, prevent, destroy, repel, or mitigation directly or indirectly any pest;
  • Other agricultural chemicals-chemicals, chemical inputs and chemical compounds not covered by pesticides and fertilizers but utilized in agricultural production, which include growth regulator, defoliant, desiccant, wood preservative, surfactant/adjuvant, emulsifier, wetting agent, penetrant, synergist, manufacturing/intermediate products, disinfectants, etc.

To avoid the disruption in the trade of agricultural chemicals used by the animal industry, such as disinfectants and insect growth regulators, all concerned products previously registered with BAI will be transferred to FPA.
FPA will grant 1-year provisional registration to products that currently registered with BAI or with an expired certificate upon the completion of the following formality:

  • The BAI registrant shall apply for the provisional registration by submitting a letter of intent, administrative forms, copy of BAI certificate certification from BAI proving that the product has been properly evaluated and proposed label;
  • The applicant shall also apply for the FPA license depending on its business scope, which includes manufacturing/formulating/entrusting, repacking, nationwide distribution, import/export, and end use/ institutional use.

The validity of FPA provisional registration will start from the date of approval, regardless of the validity of BAI registration.
The provisional registration is non-renewable and the conversion to 3- year full registration depends on the standardized registration requirements of FPA. Once the full registration is approved and the registrant has obtained the FPA license, the FPA registration certificate will be issued.
FPA also clarified that the import of concerning products, including technical materials, will be dependent on valid product registration, importer/license, and a certificate pesticide import authorization from FPA.

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FPA's Memorandum Circular(in English)

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