China Pesticide Regulation and Registration Resource Available

Date: 2021-07-01
Speaker: Ms. Yun Cai, Regulatory Consultant

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China, the world’s largest producer and exporter of pesticides, plays a key role in the global pesticide industry chain. In recent years, chemical accidents have occurred frequently. For the sake of industrial restructuring and environmental safety, increasingly strict policies have been published for pesticides’ use and management, resulting in a substantial increase in the threshold of pesticide industry. With the formal implementation of the updated “Pesticide Management Regulation” and its supporting regulations, the pesticide manufacturers and production varieties will be strictly regulated, and the companies without corresponding complete certificates will be forced to withdraw from China’s market.

As a professional global chemical regulatory consulting service company, REACH24H often receives inquiries from foreign companies on China pesticide regulation and registration. In order to respond to China compliance policies and help the companies or factories to overcome the difficulties of pesticide registration, REACH24H will organize a webinar for all related companies on “China Pesticide Regulation and Registration” on July 1, 2021, to interpret the latest pesticide registration policies in detail and provide reference on pesticide compliance.


  •     A comprehensive introduction of China Pesticide Regulation
  •     Analysis of pesticide registration type and data requirements
  •     Process and timeline of pesticide registration


The webinar is totally free, click on the hyperlink to register!


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Ms.Ting TianMs.  Yun Cai, Regulatory Consultant

Mrs. Cai Yun, graduated from the University of Windsor, Canada, majoring in medical biotechnology with a master’s degree. She is a senior regulatory and technical consulting engineer of the Agrochemical Division of REACH24H and has been engaged in global pesticide, disinfectant and fertilizer registration regulatory consulting for many years. She is committed to customize detailed and rigorous compliance programs for companies, provide efficient and high-quality consulting services, and help companies enter the market.