China to Conduct Environmental Verifications on Glyphosate Producers

TThe “environmental rectification” intiated by China MEP might cut down global supplies of the herbicide to some extent as most of the Chinese producers will be bowled out.

Sourced from the Shanghai Security News, a Chinese local media, China Ministry of Environmental Proctection is to initiate environmental verifications among all pollution-concerned industries. The glyphosate industry will face a tough campaign as disqualified companies will be ordered to halt production or even eliminated from China.
China glyphosate industry is notorious of overcapacity and causing heavy pollution as most of the glyphosate were glycine-synthesized in China during which the same amount of effluent will be generated. The effluent is characterized with high pollutants, toxicities and poor degradability. The MEP is targeting at the wastes disposal problems on all the glyphosate companies, thus incompetent companies might be shut down and eliminated from the market.
Furthermore, the MEP is increasingly equipped with legal support such as regulations and national standards. The “Wastewater Pollutants Discharge Standard for Organ-phosphorous Pesticide Industry” has been twice publicly commented and the revised draft has been submitted to the MEP upon approval.
Though there are nearly 130 glyphosate producers in China, the total output are manipulated by several companies such as Wynca, Rainbow, Jiangsu Jiangshan, Jiangsu Yangnong, Redsun, etc. Since the SMEs are always incapable of effluent treatment, the “environmental rectification” might cut down global supplies of the herbicide to some extent as most of the Chinese producers will be bowled out.

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Shanghai Security News’ Release

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Emmet Sheridan | 15 April, 2013 - 21:51
Dear Fan Ling, Can you inform if there has been any update on when higher level inspections of glyphosate producers might start. Also, there has been rumours that a new standard for waste water control was implemented in March. But there is no official evidence to support this. Glyphosate prices have started to rise on expectation of more stringent standards, but it seems more of a panic than anything supported by sound fundamentals. Our information states the number of producers is in fact rising over last 2 or 3 months from c. 24 to c. 28 currently in production. I look forward to your view. Kind regards, Emmet ...