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1. What is the Corporate Membership benefits?
Our Standard membership package only allow one user in one organzation to access the memeber-only website contents, including the e-publications (e-books) and regualtory database. If more users in your company/organization would like to get the access to the member-only contents, you may apply for a cooperate-wide-access package (Corporate Membership). We will grant Membership access to unlimited number of users with the corporate email address. The corporate members may circulate all our member-only contents within your organization.

2. Can I ask for refund of the membership fee?
Yes, we offer a no-questions-asked full refund within 7 days of purchase if you're not happy with the results. Please be noted that your credit card company or bank may charge you a small amount of transaction fees, and we can't cover that.

3. How to purchase the standard/premium membership?
You can either click the "Sign up Now" button and pay it online securely through, or you can download the Membership Order Form , fill up with your signature and return it to us by fax or email. Then you will need to pay the membership fee by bank transfer.
For more information please contact:

4. What is the difference between Free membership and Standard Membership?

Free membership allows you to have the access to the latest regulatory news and be informed of regulatory events immediately after signing up as ChemLinked Users.

In addition to the benefits provided by free membership, Standard membership subscribers could  read the expert articles shared by our senior regulatory compliance experts, access the essential regulatory/inventory database, inventory toolbox and download all the e-publications produced by ChemLinked.

5. Can I publish news and articles on

The answer is definitely Yes. ChemLinked means to create a top-class regulatory platform for all the EHS, regulatory affairs managers, therefore we encourage communication on the general topic "Regulation" among our users. Multiple choices are available: You could publish your expert articles by joining our expert team or publish your own books, etc.