ChemLinked Webinar

  • Biocidal companies can choose different compliance strategies during the transitional period for biocidal products. In order to provide biocidal companies with the most practical regulatory compliance advice and market access strategies, REACH24H Consulting Group will hold a free webinar on May 12
  • The increasingly stringent supervision and control of pesticide has alarmed the pesticide manufactures, urging them to learn more about current regulation system. Hence, REACH 24H Consulting Group will hold a free webinar on March 25th, 2016, which will focus on application of company number and
  • The webinar will include a comprehensive analysis of current biocide regulatory frameworks as well as practical case studies covering a walkthrough of regulatory compliance strategies under the biocides regulations of the world’s four key markets: China, Korea, EU and USA.
  • Interpretation of China pesticide exports and detailed tips for sourcing pesticide from China, as well as an introduction of a useful tool (CPAD) to screen the legitimate producers and products in China
  • In “REACH24H Europe Seminar 2013”, REACH24H aims to bring you the latest regulatory developments in addition to providing you the technical and practical know-how to efficiently comply with regulatory obligations helping you expedite getting your product on the market. It is an exciting opportunity