What is Agrochemical Portal?

Agrochemical Portal  is a one of a kind, multilingual platform providing comprehensive regulatory compliance information and registration services. At Agrochemical Portal we leverage our geographical and language advantages to bring you unparalleled access and up-to-the-minute coverage on Chinese crop protection issues all backed by a comprehensive regulatory database.  Agrochemical portal is an encapsulation of the fundamental principles we follow. At Agrochemical Portal we act as a bridge connecting foreign and domestic interests with the information and services they need to comply with regulations and access China’s lucrative markets. We believe that successful market access is supported by the pillars of reliable, timely and high quality regulatory information and solid experience in successful application of practical registration procedures.

 In addition our Agrochemical Portal can boast a wealth of resources available in our:

  • AgroAnalysis-wikipedia-style webpages covering all the essential regulatory issues on pesticide, fertilizer and biocide in China, Brazil and Myanmar, etc;
  • AgroPedia- Wikipedia-style webpages covering all the essential regulatory issues on pesticide, fertilizer and biocide in China, Brazil and Myanmar, etc;
  • CPAD-CPAD (China Pesticide Apporval Directory) is an integrated and searchable database for ICAMA registration and officially certified producers ;
  • AgroLaw(Regulatory Database)-Uique and comprehensive collection of pesticide regulations and standards in emerging market especially China;
  • E-book-English translation of Pesticide Regulation and exclusive market report
  • One-to-One Expert Consultation Services
  • Access to expert consultancy provided by preeminent industry experts

Crop Protection Industry and Market

The Chinese Crop Protection Industry has evolved rapidly carried by wave of domestic and foreign investment and an increased demand for products. The Chinese industry is extremely dependent on global demand as over 60% of agrochemical production is for export purposes. The texture of the Chinese industry is composed of enterprises of varying sizes and capacities with SOEs, private enterprises, MNC subsidiaries and trading companies all playing a part. China has improved its supervision of the agrochemical sector by adopting a pesticide registration and manufacturer approval system. The major hurdles for foreign companies are still the language barrier and the regulatory and legislative differences intrinsic to the Chinese system. In the past failures were invariably attributable to lack of important business connections that can influence key decision makers or aid in the process of market access. With China’s market and policy reforms, more recently it is lack of regulatory knowledge and failure to comply with regulations that has been the primary causative factor in market access failures.

Why Chemlinked’s Agrochemical Portal?

Our Mission is to provide customers with crucial information and all the necessary tools to understand the industry and ensure efficient regulatory compliance:

  • We monitor and analyze the most recent industrial and regulatory issues from over 100 Chinese authorities keeping you alert to the changes and future trends in China’s agrochemical industry;
  • We have painstakingly compiled a comprehensive directory of officially certified pesticide products and producers as well as a database of Chinese Regulations;
  • Top experts share their in-depth interpretation and extensive practical experience;
  • Problem orientated one-to-one troubleshooting sessions aimed at dealing with difficult situations;
  • ChemLinked also offers translation of the official text of technical guidelines or regulations;