Brazilian Pesticide Market Research Report(2016 Edition)

Title: Brazilian Pesticide Market Research Report(2016 Edition)
Price: 3000 USD
Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
Issued byAMD Team, REACH24H Consulting Group
Publish date:2016-09-28

This market study covers various segments of the Brazil pesticide market for arriving at the full understanding of Brazil pesticide market. The report is segmented into four main regions: Part 1- The general situation and the development of agriculture in Brazil. Part 2-The situation of agrochemical market in Brazil. Part 3- The situation of product registration in Brazil. Part 4- The situation of company establishment in Brazil.

Reasons to buy this report:
From this research report, readers can get a full understanding and acquaint a comprehensive information of Brazil pesticide market, including both detailed market information(such as the top annual sales pesticide, herbicide, fungicide product in Brazil, Brazil's crop distribution plate products, and the main Brazilian market participants information) and professional pesticide registration information in Brazil(such as the registration type, requirements, procedures, time and cost, other licensing related to pesticide, the establishment of the company in Brazil and the pesticide registration consultant information).

Chapter 1  General Situation of Brazil and the Development of Agriculture
1.1 General situation of agriculture in Brazil:
1.2 The main characteristics of agriculture in Brazil:
Chapter 2 Brazil Agrochemical Market
2.1 General situation of Brazil pesticide market
2.2 The distribution of products in Brazil
2.2.1 Soybean
2.2.2 Corn
2.2.3 Sugar cane
2.2.4 Cotton
2.3 Market participants in Brazil
Chatper 3 Situation of Product Registration in Brazil
3.1 Pesticide legislation and authorities in Brazil
3.2 Pesticide registration in Brazil
3.2.1 Registration procedures, time and cost
3.2.2 Registration information requirements
3.2.3 Confirmation of the same product
3.2.4 Review of pesticide registration data
3.2.5 Grant of registration certificate
3.2.6 Prohibited registration
3.2.7 Cancellation and appeal of registration
3.3 Other licensing related to pesticides, as well as pesticide management in trade
3.3.1 Supervision and inspection of pesticides
3.3.2 Pesticide production, business license management
3.4 Brazil product registration related data costs
Chapter 4 Establishment of the Company in Brazil
4.1 Brazil companies to set up procedures and legal documents required
4.2 The company set up fees, and the consultant on behalf of the registration of contrast