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China MoARA’s Insights on Pesticide Classification and Scope – Simplifying Registration
Determining whether a substance should be classified under the scope of pesticide regulation is the first step in pesticide registration in China. To accomplish this, companies need to have a comprehensive understanding of China’s pesticide definition and accurately assess their own product’s usage characteristics.
Navigating Pesticide Registration Changes in China: A Practical Guide with Precautions
Once the official pesticide registration license is obtained in China, any necessary changes to the information on the license can be made through the application for pesticide registration changes. We have summarized several situations in which changes can be made to the pesticide registration license, along with important precautions to consider.
Strategies for China’s Pesticide Registration and Market Entry: Research and Compliance – Part 2
The process of registering new pesticides in China involves three key stages that are critical to the success of the project. Overseas pesticide companies outside of China need to understand and effectively navigate these stages. Here is a clear breakdown of each stage:
Strategies for China’s Pesticide Registration and Market Entry: Regulatory Changes – Part 1
Overseas pesticide companies outside of China face a crucial challenge in navigating the Chinese pesticide market. Understanding upcoming regulatory changes and conducting thorough research and evaluation of the Chinese new pesticide market is vital for success.
China’s Pesticide Regulations and Policies: Key Updates of 2023
Stay updated on the latest changes in China’s pesticide industry. In this overview, we highlight the important updates in China’s pesticide regulations and policies during 2023.
Guideline for Determining China Pesticide Registration Types
When preparing for pesticide product registration, the first step is to confirm the registration type. The registration type selection directly affects the necessary data items, dossier submission, and evaluation criteria.
China’s Pesticide Registration: A Guide to Application and Approval Process Timelines
Navigating the application and approval process for pesticides can be a complex and time-sensitive endeavour. Understanding the procedures and timelines involved is crucial for companies aiming to bring their products to the Chinese market successfully.
Key Points related to Formulation Types in China Pesticides Registration
Most technical materials cannot be used directly without processing. The content of active ingredient in the technical material is usually very high.
Common Pesticide Formulation Type in China Market
An EC pesticide is primarily composed of the technical material, solvents, and emulsifiers. Some EC pesticide may also include small amounts of co-solvents and stabilizers. EC pesticides are required to be clear and transparent, free from particles or floccule.
Guide to Pesticide Packaging Compliance in China: Standards and Testing
In order to ensure the safety of pesticide products during storage and transportation, and protect the health of farmers and consumers, China’s regulatory authority has formulated a series of regulations and standards to manage the production, sale, and use of pesticide packaging. Proper testing of packaging materials is also required during the registration process.
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