Fluxapyroxad and other SDHI fungicides Market Report

Title:Fluxapyroxad and other SDHI fungicides Market Report
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AuthorReach24h Consulting
Publish date:2016-01-28
SDH stands for Succinate De-Hydrogenase, an important enzyme and one key to the effective functioning of the mitochondria, a critical organ of the fungus. Mitochondria are responsible for energy production for the fungus. They are often referred to as the “cellular power plant” of the fungus. Being responsible for other key cellular functions such as cell growth, it can be seen that impacting the mitochondria by inhibiting the SDI enzyme will have a major and detrimental impact on the fungus. The term SDHI fungicide is used to refer to fungicides that inhibit this enzyme. Currently, there are more than 17 kinds of SDHI fungicide products in the market, including bixafe, fluopyram, penflufen, isopyrazam, sedaxane, fluxapyroxad, penthiopyrad, and benzovindiflupyr.
 Fluxapyroxad was developed by BASF, mainly applied on grains, soybeans, corn, vegetables, and fruits. Fluxapyroxad has been registered in USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand with more than 2.5 billion annual sales.

Part 1 Product overview
Part 2 Product introduction- Fluxapyroxad
Part 3 Product introduction- Bixafen
Part 4 Product introduction- Boscalid
Part 5 Other SDHI fungicide products introduction
5.1 Thifluzamid
5.2 Isopyrazam
5.3 Penthiopyrad
5.4 Fluopyram
5.5 Sedaxane
5.6 Penflufen
Part 6 Fluxapyroxad Market forecast
6.1 Market investigation and analysis by countries
6.2 Potential targeted crops
6.3 Competitors
Part 7 Conclusions and suggestions